17 June 2010


tonight for dinner, i made absolutely amazing baked apples stuffed  with rice & sausage--with butter, cinnamon, & nutmeg, of course.  the recipe came from FATTY COOKBOOK, which everyone should check out because it is made of win & delicious.  & at just 210-250calories per apple (when made with lite sausage), it really isn't all that fatty.

in other news, there is apparently an immortal species of jellyfish.  essentially, it can regenerate into its polyp form (it's first life stage) at any time, & then cycle back into adulthood, ever avoiding that troublesome prankster, death.  scientists are studying it, of course, to figure out exactly how it works, & in the meantime, these immortal little buggers are taking over the ocean.

i think this version of immortality would suck.  well, truthfully, i don't really jive with the idea of immortality anyway, but this kind would be especially awful.  i'm done with high school, thank you, & don't really wish to live those ever-so-awkward & embarrassing years of my life over again.  not to mention, i think my mother would protest any decision i made to spontaneously return to the womb as a fetus.

i generally don't think immortality is such a cool idea, though, & don't really understand some folks' obsession with it as an imaginative ideal.  hasn't anyone read anne rice?  immortality would get boring after a couple hundred years, no matter how many hobbies you cultivate.  not to mention the inconvenience of watching every friend/lover/partner die on you. oh, & having to replace your wardrobe like constantly (relatively speaking).  i can barely stand to get rid of clothes i have now that don't fit or are unfit to wear in public.

part of the fun of this whole life thing is that it's a limited time offer.  smoke 'em if you got 'em, ya know?  if it just went on & on forever, even good things would become tedious.  besides, as peter pan reminds us, to die is the next grand adventure. i can certainly wait about 50 years or so before i get there, but i definitely wouldn't want to miss out.

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