08 June 2010


i have moved into the land of blogger.  crazy!?!?!
but i haven't touched my xanga in like 8923764598267billion years. & blogger is so much cooler, yeah?

i really need a vest & a chunky black belt like the ones below...

to go with this dress:

i know, bad picture, right?  at least it's boob-tacular.  although, to be fair, i don't think i can avoid that much.

(dress is 80s vintage from a shop called acorn apparel in louisville, KY.  they just opened up like 7 or 8 weeks ago, & they are awesome.  totally worth the trip to louisville, even without the fabulous drag shows.)

but accessories cost money?! SUCK.  i'm considering fashioning a vest out of old tshirts; maybe the belt too.  i need more projects to do with my old tees anyway, since i've decided to boycott pants & replace my daily wear with dresses.  & i should probably not make dresses out of all my black tees since i already have half a closet full of black dresses.  oops.

i also need to shorten this dress.  i am not typically a fan of things that fall below the knees.  considering turning the sleeves into plain ol' regular short sleeves, too, or at least taking out the elastic?  i'm not sure if the elastic is really my bag.

this first entry is totally deep!
i promise it'll get better.  up next is felix guattari.  french philosophy, what what!

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